Shadowhunter Chronicle Readalong

Hello my lovely readers <3

So, this year emmmabooks is going to host year-long readalong for the Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare and I’m going to participate to it. This is great excuse to read these books again because for the older books, it has been while since I last read them. I’m going to review and discuss about each book after I have read it on my blog. The readalong has a specific reading order and dates but you can read them any order if you want. I, personally, am going to follow the reading schedule because I want to participate the liveshow and discussion about the books. 


The present “reading schedule” is bellow, with each liveshow occurring at the time around the last week of each book. 

City of Bones Jan 1 - Jan 27
City of Ashes Jan 28 - Feb 17
City of Glass Feb 18 - Mar 17
Clockworks Angel Mar 18 - Apr 14
City of Fallen Angels Apr 15 - May 5
Clockworks Prince May 6 - Jun 2
City of Lost Souls Jun 3 - Jun 30
Clockworks Princess July 1 - July 28
City of Heavenly Fire July 29 - Aug 25
The Bane Chronicles Aug 26 - Sept 15
The Tales of Shadowhunter Academy Sept 16 - Oct 6
Lady Midnight Oct 7 - Nov 3
Lord of Shadows Nov 4 - Dec 1
Queen of Air and Darkness Dec 2 - Dec 31

This reading order is great because this way any of the books doesn’t spoil something for other books. Although, you can skip a book or read on your own pace, you don’t have to follow this order. 


Roughly every month the Dregs society will have a liveshow on Emma’s YouTube channel. They will discuss about the chosen book and answer to asked questions. Emma will also choose three commenters expressing interest to be part of the liveshow (if you are under 18, ask parents permission to be part of the liveshow). You have to leave comment ether to the Facebook group or her Youtube channel under the video where she is discussing about this readalong. Everyone can watch and participate live chat on YouTube when the liveshow is going on. 

If you want to order some of these books for yourself, Book Depository is great website to do so. It has a free international shipping. If you buy through the link bellow I get small commission from it. 

I will leave link to Emma’s Twitter and YouTube channel down bellow, so you can go follow her if you want. The link to YouTube will be the one where she is discussing about this readalong, so if you want more information watch it. I will also leave link to the Facebook group if you wan to participate to it. 

How many of you are going to participate to this readalong this year? Are you going to read all of the books or just some of your favorites? Is this going to bee reread for you or are you all new to this world? I would really like to know.

I hope you all have a positive day and a rest of the week. 

With Love, 



Most Anticipated books of 2018

Hello my lovely readers and happy new year for everyone. 

Today’s post is going to be about the books relished in 2018 I’m most exited. I’m going to put only ten books in this list because they are the books I’m now anticipating but I’m sure there is going to be lot more when the year proceeds and I find out about new books. What are your most anticipated relishes this year, I would like to know.

I’m going to tell the book’s name, author and relish date. I might also tell something about the book and if it belongs to some series. These books are not in any kind of order, I just put them here totally randomly. 

So here is my list:

1. Zenith (The Androma saga #1) by Sasha Alsberg, Lindsay Cummings

This one I found while watching Sasha’s Youtube channel, it’s one of my favorites. This book is being published January 16th (US)/11th (UK), so I don’t have to wait long for this one to come out. 
Zenith is sci-fy book with all-girl spaceship crew taking control and showing boy’s how it’s done, with romance, tragedy and ray-guns.

2. The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the air #1) by Holly Black

This is first book in this series and it’s fantasy book with faeries in it. This book has been published already, so if you want this you just have to go the nearest book store (published January 2nd). I’m so exited to read this because I love everything with faeries.
This books is story about Jude who was with her two sister stolen away to live in the faerie court, and faeries despise humans.

I already have my own copy of this book and can’t wait until I have time to read it.

3. Queen of air and darkness (The dark artifices #3) by Cassandra Clare

This book is the third in the Dark Artifices series and the last. I don’t want to tell you guys about this book much because some of you may not have read the earlier ones yet, so I don’t want spoil something. I will tell you that is continues the story of the Blackthrones and Emma carstair in the Los Angeles institute while they try to save the world. 

Queen of Air and Darkness isn’t published until December 4th, so it long way to go. 
The book cover is again amazing and goes well with the earlier ones.

4.  A Court of Frost and Starlight (A Court of Thorn and Roses #3.5) by Sarah J. Maas

This is Sarah’s new novella set in the same world as the acotar (A Court of Thorn and Roses) series. It is suppose to be bridge between acotar series and the new series she is going to write. This book is still going to star the same characters as the earlier books in the series, so we are going to see more off our beloved characters. 

This book doesn’t have official cover yet and it’s on-sale may 1st. 

I’m so exited for this one  because I love everything from Sarah and acotar series is one of favorites.

5. War Storm (Red Queen #4) by Victoria Aveyard

War Storm is the fourth book in Red Queen series and as far as I know also the last one. This book is on-sale May 15th, so you don’t have to wait too long.

I don’t want to tell you too much about the plot because some of you may not have read the earlier ones and spoiling books is no fun for anyone.
 War Storm will continue from where King’s Cage left us.

6. Catwoman: Soulstealer (DC Icons #3) by Sarah J. Maas

Another book from Sarah J. Maas that I can’t wait to read. Catwoman is going to be published August 7th and omg this cover is amazing, I don’t know how Sarah’s cover are always so good looking.

Catwoman is third DC Iconic book, following Leigh Bardugo’s Wonder Woman: Warbringer and Marie Lu’s Batman: Nightwalker. It is coming-of-age book about Selina Kyle, the Catwoman. 

7. Throne of glass #7 by Sarah J. Maas

This seventh Throne of Glass book doesn’t have name or cover yet but I imagine we are going to get them soon because the book is going to be published September 7th. This book is going to be the final book in the series and I’m so sad to see it end. I’m also very scared how Sarah is going to end this series and I don’t want my favorite characters to die. 

I’m not going to tell anything about the plot because it may spoil someone and Sarah hasn’t give anything about this book yet but I know it’s going to continue where Empire of Stroms and Tower of Dawn left us (Tower of Dawn is kind of Throne of Glass #6 but it’s tells what Chaol was doing while Empire of Storms). 

8. Sea Witch by Sarah Hennings

This is a book that I know close to nothing but it’s kinda like Little Mermaid retelling but about the villain. Sea Witch is going to be published July 31st.

Ever since her best friend, Anna drowned, Evie has been an outcast. A freak. A curse. A witch. A girl with an uncanny resemblance to Anna appears. This is heart-wrenching story of friendship, betrayal and a girl pushed beyond her limits, to become a monster. 

9. Sightwitch (The Witchlands #0,5) by Susan Dennard

Sightwitch is set year before thruthwitch and follows Ryber Fortiza, the last sightwitch sister as she treks deep underground to rescue her missing best friend. 

Companion novella but story serves as a set up to bloodwitch. This book is on-sale February 13th, so not a long wait. 

10. Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston

Heart of Iron is going to be published February 27th. This is new book from the author of Geekerella but this time the book is going to be science fiction novel. 

As a child, seventeen-year-old Ana was found drifting through space with a sentient android called D09. She was saved by fearsome space captain and the grizzled crew she now calls family. But D09, one of the last remaining illegal metals, has been glitching and Ana will stop at nothing to find a way to fix him. 

I’m going to put link below to Book Depository, it’s where I buy majority of my books because it’s cheap and it ships free internationally. This is affiliate link, so every time you buy something through this link I’m going to get some commission, and with it I get book for cheaper price. 

How is you all’s new year starting? Do you already have reading list of books that you are going to read this year or are you participating in some reading challenge? I would love to hear about them? I haven’t set myself any challenge for this year expect read more books because last year was pit of a bad year for me regarding reading. 
I hope you all have great new week, I know many of you are going back to school or work but keep up with being positive. 


What to do while listening to audiobook

Hello my lovely bookworms <3 I hope you all have had wonderful year of 2017 so far. I, myself, have been at work almost all the year but at least, now I have some money saved up. I would be interested to know what you, my lovely readers, have been doing this winter and what books you have read.

This summer and autumn, I have been really into audiobooks. I mostly listen to them while I’m at work, that way the paper work seems less boring. Work is great place listen to them but most of the time, I can’t just stop listening when I go home, so I continue them there. But I, myself, am one of those people who can’t sit still and do nothing for long period of time, so I had to come up with some ideas for what to do while listening to audiobooks. 

So, here I am sharing some of those ideas with you guys.


One of the most obvious ones, is to get yourself hooked on a phone game, I like to play Candy Crush or Subway Surf. They are great games to play while listening to an audiobook because they don’t command to much of your attention or your brain power to play them. Of course, you can try any game but some games where you have to think very hard may be difficult to play while still trying to concentrate to the audiobook.I, also like to scroll through my social medias while listening, this way your hands get something to do.

Listening audiobooks always gets me motivated to start cleaning my apartment. I normally never like to vacuum, wash my dishes or do my laundry but listening to audiobooks while doing them is great help. I can concentrate to listening and not the task of doing household chores and that makes them more fun to do. I sometimes even cook my dinner while listening to an audiobook. I also like to sort out my emails for that day while listening to an audiobook because I sometimes don’t like to make time to do it.

If you find really good book to listen and you don’t want to just sit or lie around your house listening it, you can go to the gym, running or for a walk. I do this often when I don’t want to listen to music while running. Sometimes I just get this feeling that there isn’t anything new or anything I want to listen to at the moment, so audiobooks are great alternative. This is also great way to get yourself moving more. 

If you’re going to take a long car drive somewhere, listening to audiobooks is great way to make the journey more fun and the drive doesn’t feel so long. Of course, you can listen to audiobooks if the drive is shorter too, if you want. I know many people like listen to radio while driving but I, myself, find that radios play same songs again and again and if the drive is longer you get bored to the same songs. 

I find it always hard to get myself to plan my next day, week or month. I have never been the one that plans every detail of their day or life and sometimes it’s a bad thing, like when you have certain things coming up at school or at work. I normally do this dreading task while watching some show on Netflix or listening an audiobook. I find it easier to do this while listening to an audiobook because when watching something on Netflix your eyes are on the screen and not much on your calendar. I also like to plan what I’m going to post on different social media accounts advance, so I don’t have to everyday think about it, I just have something planned already. 

What a great way to get yourself up in the morning or relaxed before bed, listen to an audiobook. I do this especially on evenings before bed. I like to do my evening routine while listening some audiobook because it’s easier than reading an actual book while trying to shower or brush your teeth. I would do this on mornings as well but I’m not really a morning person and I like to sleep as long as possible, so I normally get up so late that I don’t have time to do anything in mornings. 

So, there is this days blog post. I would like to know if any of you is into audiobooks? If so, what do you like to do while listening to audiobooks? I would also like to know what is the latest audiobook you just listened? I listened A Court of Wings and Ruin because I didn’t have time to sit down and read the book again.

I hope you all have great day and peaceful Christmas. 


Rapid Fire Book Tag

Hello my lovely bookworms, today I'm going to do rapid fire book tag. This tag is original from booktuber GirlReading and I'll put the link to that video down below.
I just randomly came across of this tag on youtube and it sounded fun, so I decided to do it.

So here goes:

1. E-book or physical book?
I like physical books more because then I have my own copy of it in my bookshelf but I like e-books more while traveling. When I'm traveling I always try to take as little stuff as possible with me, so carrying e-books is easier and lighter.

2. Paperback or Hardcover?
I own more paperback that hardcovers, so I'm going to go with paperbacks. Although, I like more how hardcovers feel and they are more long-lasting but paperbacks are cheaper, so I buy them more.

3. Online or In-store book shopping?
I do more online book shopping because it's cheaper but sometimes I like to go wondering into book stores. Also, in Finland you find very little new international books that are in English, so it's easier to buy them online.

4. Trilogies or series?
I choose series because then I have more books to read and more time to spend with the characters.

5. Heroes or villans?
I enjoy reading stories about heroes but I have also read few books about villains that are really good. I like stories about villains if they have great backstory and if they aren't just plain psychopaths.

6. A book you want everyone to read.
I want everyone to read  A Court Of Mist And Fury by Sarah J. Maas because it's so fantastic and amazing.

7. Recommend an underrated book.
I am going to recommend book called A Daughter Of Smoke And Bone by Laini Taylor. I feel like not many have read this book and it is great.

8. The last book you finished?
The last book I read was Truthwitch by Susan Dennard and I cave it 4/5 stars and I really enjoyed it.

9. The last book you bought?
The last book that I bought was The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan and Maureen Johnson. I bought this while I was shopping with my little sister few weeks ago in Helsinki.

10. Weirdest thing you've used as a bookmark?
This was a while ago, but I think weirdest thing would be spoon or hair accessory. Nowadays, I try to put real bookmarks between the pages.

11. Used books: yes or no?
No because I don't buy them so much, although I know they are cheaper but I never come across of them.

12. Top three favorite genres?
Fantasy, science fictions and contemporary. I read these genres the most but I also enjoy other genres.

13. Borrow or buy?
Buy because then I have my own copy of the book and I can read it when I want to. I also want to own copy of the books because I want my own library in my home. I sometimes go to library to borrow books but not often.

14. Characters or plot?
Plot because something has to happen in the book. I get really bored if I read a book that is only character development and the book doesn't have action.

15. Long or short books?
Long books because then I can be with the characters longer, although I do enjoy short books that are easy read.

16. Long or short chapters?
Short chapters because then the book is faster to read and it doesn't feel so heavy to read.

17. Name the first three books you think of...
City of bones by Cassandra Clare, Passenger by Alexandra Bracken, Six of crows by Leigh Bardugo. All of these books are great and I loved them.

18. Books that makes you laugh or cry
There are many books that make me laugh and cry, so it's hard to say one or two books to this question.

19. Our world or fictional world?
I'm going to cheat little pit on this question because I don't want to live in a single fictional world but it would be amazing if I would travel to different fictional world.

20. Audiobooks: yes or no?
Yes. I don't listen to them often but I do sometimes. Although, I can't just sit around and do nothing while listening to audiobooks, so I normally listen to audiobook while cleaning or walking a dog.

21. Do you ever judge a book by its cover?
Yes sometimes. When I'm in book stores the covers are what catches my attention but I don't buy books just based on the cover.

22. Book to movie or book to TV  adaptations?
I would love more book to TV adaptations because in TV shows you could fit more details from the books that to the movies.

23. Series or standalone's?
Series because then you can spend more time with the characters and with the world.

So here is all of my answers to these questions. I'm not going to tag anyone special but if any of you want to do this then you can. If any of you do this or have done this please tell me down on the comments I would love to read or watch them. Or you can also answer to these questions down below.
I hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you all have a great day. I will be posting something new next week. 


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Half Bad By Sally Green

Hello my lovely bookworms, today's post is going to be book review. I'm going to review Sally Green's Half bad. I read this book while ago but I didn't have time to review it until now. Half bad is young adult fantasy book that was published March fourth, 2014, and is the first book of the trilogy.

Half bad is a novel that is set in modern-day Europe. In this book witches and humans live together but humans don't know that witches exist. There are two types of witches, black and white, black witches are normally considered as evil and white witches as good. White witches are the main population in this world.

This novel follows 17-year-old Nathan Bryn. Nathan is half white and half black witch, they call him half code. His mother is dead and his father is hunted because he is the most powerful and most cruelest black witch in the world. Nathan is kept in a cage and abused.  He has to escape before his seventeenth birthday and find his father, or he will die. The first part of this book starts as Nathan is in the cage and how his days go. Then the second part in the book, is Nathan's childhood from very young age to about when he is sixteen, and how he ended up in the cage. In the fourth part, he escapes the cage. After that the story goes how he tries to find his father and stay alive.

Nathan is black sheep of the family and he is the only half code in this world. Almost everyone hates him, and he is shunned because of this. This book left many questions unanswered and I hope that in the following books they are answered. Main question that is in my mind after the book is, how they decided that all black witches are bad, and what is so different about white and black witches.

The first part is written from second person narrative and it feels like the reader is the protagonist. After that the book is written from first-person point of view, Nathan's. This book is mainly character development and there is very little action, in the end there is some action scenes when Nathan is trying to escape the cage, and when he is looking for his father.

I will give this 2/5 stars.
I didn't really like this book and I think that is mainly because it was pretty slow read and not much happened. The ending was interesting enough that I might continue the story.
I recommend this book to people who like books that are mainly character development and don't mind that there is very little action.
Please comment below if any of you have read this book and what did you think of it, I would love to know. Also you can recommend some great books to me that I can read.

So I hope you liked this post and I wish all of you have a great day and wonderful following week. I'm going to post something new next week, so I hope you all come check that out then.
Also go check out my other blog, I'll leave link below.


Book Haul! (January and February)

Hello my lovely readers, today I decided to do book haul. So, this is all of the books that I have bought since Christmas and most of them are from book depository. Book depository is this really amazing web site that sells books. Most of the time there are really great sales and the shipping is free. The free shipping is great for me because I live in Finland and normally shipping something here costs really much.
But here is all of the books that I have bought recently:

1. Uprooted By Naomi Novik

This is the first book that I have for you today. I believe that this book is retelling about beauty and the beast but I'm not quite sure because I don't know much about this book. This book follows the story of a young girl, who lives in this village. Near this village is very dangerous forrest and the villagers need help from wizard. The wizard helps them but with a prize. The prize is that every ten years one girl from the village must come to his castle and serve him for ten years, this year it happens to be the main character. 
Tell me if any of you have read this book, and if so what you thought about it.

2. Snow like ashes By Sara Raasch

I believe this is part of a series but I'm not quite sure. This is tale about a kingdom called Winter which was conquered by this other kingdom. All but eight of its citizen were killed, among the eight was the prince and his friend Meira. When scouts discover location of ancient locket that could restore Winter's magic, Meira decides to go find it to help the kingdom. 
I have heard great things about this book and I hope it's good. 

3. Milk and honey By Rupi Kaur

This is the first poetry book that I'm ever going to read. I haven't read much poetry before but decided to try some. I picked this because one of my friends recommended this to me and it seemed interesting enough, so I bought it. I believe this book is divided into for parts, the hurting, the loving, the breaking and the healing. I hope, I like this book and maybe in future I will read more poetry.
If you have some great recommendations about poetry, please tell me down on the comments so I can check them out.

4. Obsidian By Jennifer L. Armentrout

This book is the first book in the Lux series and I decided to only buy the first one and look if I like it. Then maybe if I like it I buy the rest of the series. I believe this tells about this girl who moves to a different town just before her senior year. In this town, she meets siblings, a girl and a boy. Soon she finds out that they are both alien. After that many things start happening. 
I believe this is some sort of love story, I'm not sure yet but I hope I like it. Have any of you read this book before?

5. Cruel beauty By Rosamund Hodge

I don't know much about this book. My friend recommended it to me and I just decided to pick it up. I believe this is also retelling about beauty and the beast. I know that the main character has been betrothed to this evil ruler of her land since birth. Her job is to kill this ruler. I believe this is the main idea and I don't really know more about this book. I kind of want to just read it without knowing much. 
If any of you have read this book what did you thought?

6. The kiss of deception By Mary E. Pearson

This book is first in the series and I don't have the rest but if I like this I will buy them. The first one is about this girl who runs away on her wedding night because she doesn't want to marry a prince. She runs to this distant village hoping no one would find her, although soon after two men arrive to the village, one is the prince and the other one is assassin that was sent to kill her. But we don't know which of the men is the prince or the assassin. 
This book sound really interesting and I'm excited to read it. Have any of you read it?

7. Six of crows By Leigh Bardugo

This is the first book of the series. This book is about six dangerous outcasts who gets this impossible job. They have to break in to the Ice court and rescue prisoner. Ice court is military strong hold that has never been broken into, so it seems to be suicide mission. 
That's all I know about this book but I have heard some very great things about it and that it is supposed be good. For what I know about the book it has gotten my attention and I can't wait to read it. Have any of you read it and did you like it?

8. Crooked kingdom By Leigh Bardugo

This is the second book and the final book of the six of crows series. I don't really know anything about the second book and I don't either want to know because I still haven't read the first, I don't want to be spoiled.

9. Falling kingdoms By Morgan Rhodes

This is a book that I don't know much about but I believe this is series. I have heard that this is kind of like game of thrones but for younger people...I hope it's good. What are your thoughts about this book?

10. The young elites By Marie Lu

This is the first book of the series. It tells about this girl called Adeline who has survived blood fever and due that she got some abilities. She has to learn control her abilities. She also finds out that she isn't the only one with abilities and there are others, they are called the young elites. Adeline's abilities are the strongest and she may be danger to them all. 
This book sound really interesting and I hope it's good. I haven't read the other series by Marie Lu but I intend to do just that in somewhere near future. Have any of you read this series? If so what did you think? Did you like it? Have you read the Legend series? If so did you like it?

11. The rose society By Marie Lu

This is the second book of the young elites series and I don't know literally anything about it because once again I don't want to spoiled.

12. The midnight star By Marie Lu

This is the third book of the young elite series and I don't also know anything about it.

I hope you all like this post and I wish all of you great day and a new coming week. What are some of the books you guys have recently bought. Also, tell me if you have read any of these books and what you thought of them.
I'm also sorry I haven't updated in a while but I have been kinda depressed since my grandfather passed away and also I have had some big school things to worry about. But now I'm going to try update more frequently. Yeah, have a great day you all.